About Us


We’re actively building the industry’s best one-stop shop for all your facility needs.

Litelines Ltd was established in 1988 and started off as a waste management wholesaler, committed to supplying products for the containment of waste and recyclables.

The business developed to encompass other sectors and supplies. Firstly, it was janitorial products and then went on to specializing in PPE and workwear.

Our existing customers include Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Film Production Companies, Charities, Local Government, Colleges, Schools, and Hotels.

All products are tested to ensure you receive the highest quality of products and that they satisfy your expectations.

We operate nationally, utilizing a cost-efficient duel delivery system with our own transport for local deliveries and FedEx for the rest of the nation.

Since Day One we’ve built our catalogue based on your ideas. We try to bring a sense of balance and authenticity to everything we do.

Our Aims are simple:

  • Fast delivery service
  • Low prices
  • A balanced range of budget and premium products
  • Friendly and expert customer service​