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Cleaning Products

Are essential for any business. That's why we provide a free next-day delivery service so you can rely on us.

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Film & TV Industry

Film & TV Industry

Don’t be deceived by our website. Litelines Direct provide an amazing stores service through a Film and TV catalogue.

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Industrial Cleaning & PPE Supplies at Litelines Direct

Wholesale Supplies of Hygiene & Janitorial Products Nationwide

At Litelines Direct we’ve made it easy for you to get all your cleaning and workwear products in one place. We offer all the items you’ll need and guarantee nationwide delivery of wholesale cleaning products. Simply give us a call, and we’ll get your delivery on its way.

We know what it’s like to source all your cleaning products from different shops and companies, and it’s a stress that should be avoided. Whether it’s for hospitals, schools, hotels or special events, at Litelines Direct we offer an easy and effective solution, with the highest quality products.

The wide range of quality cleaning and janitorial products we sell at Litelines Direct include cleaning chemicals, janitorial equipment, mops, brooms, brushes and floor care, as well as washroom and hygiene control. We pride ourselves both on our quality products and the wide range we offer, so if there’s something you can’t find, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll happily help you.