Having bins and waste disposal units strategically placed around your premises is an essential way to keep your building clean and hygienic.

Here at Litelines Direct, we offer an extensive range of bins and waste disposal units at an excellent value.

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    Our collection of indoor bins are ideal for inside modern offices and businesses. It is important to have a clean workplace and one the easiest ways to achieve this is by providing people with plenty of indoor bins to get rid of waste.
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    Outdoor Bins provide litter collection solutions in outdoor areas such as town centres, public roads, pedestrian areas, outdoor spaces around commercial buildings and schools. They are all manufactured from durable & weather resistant... more info
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    Recycling is easy, clean and efficient when you’ve chosen the right recycling bin. Ergonomic designs and stylish, durable finishes mean it’s easier to reduce waste and be kinder to the environment. 
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    Every ladies toilet in a commercial premises must have a sanitary bin! it is an efficient way to dispose of sanitary waste and helps promote good hygiene as well as good customer care, making it good for business too.

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