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Bleach and disinfectants will remain an essential of any cleaning and hygiene regime. They are used to remove stains and to disinfect primarily in the bathrooms and kitchens. Many types of bleach have strong bactericidal properties and are used to control bacteria such as viruses and algae by disinfecting, sterilising and sanitising in any institution where sterile conditions are needed. 

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    Bleach is used to disinfect and remove stains primarily in bathroom and kitchen areas. The bleach products we supply are ideal for both commercial and domestic use where all types of germs need to be killed including MRSA, E coli,... more info
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    A good disinfectant will ensure your workplace or home remain hygienic. Disinfectants will both clean and kill bacteria, also getting rid of the toughest dirt by removing the risk of infection, leaving surfaces clean and fresh. They are widely... more info

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