Disposable Microfibre Mopping

Dry and damp single use mops are disposed of after use so that no germs or pores are left after mopping. Ideal for hygiene sensitive areas, especially in healthcare, hospitals and food preparation. Cost effective and versatile this 2-step system lets you use both dry and damp mops with the same dispad, frame and handle. A single mop can clean up to 25m².

  • Step 1: Dry mop picks up dirt and grime using electrostatic force without releasing anything onto the floor as normal pre-impregnated mops do. 
  • Step 2: Damp mop draws dirt, dust and moisture into its ultra fine fibre network by capillary action. Requires little or no chemicals, just minimal amount of water. 

Use dispad on dry and damp disposable mops between frame and mop to create a strong flat mopping surface. Polyethylene foam pads, polyester/polyamide backing.

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